Work, Work, Work!

Greetings once more friends! When last I left you, in an effort to keep you updated as to my latest work endeavors, I had just spent time on the set of the new and upcoming Rocky series continuation; Creed. Since then the trailer for this film has debuted, and I must say that when the film is released I will be very excited to see the finished product! But do not simply take my word, be sure to take a look for yourself!


Now, after my involvement with Creed, I am pleased to report that I have since then been blessed with a few more film opportunities. First of which took place at the very end of April in the Big Apple! On April 29th I made my very first solo voyage into Manhattan, a task that had me more nervous than I thought previously possible, to be an extra NYC Pictures (3)in a feature under the working title of “Half Shell” for a scene taking place at Grand Central Station. Now being born in New York, I was a bit ashamed I had never before visited Grand Central, but now I know it all too well as the cast and crew spent the entire night working on the large, action packed scene.

Before we started shooting, as an extra, I went through the typical process of paperwork, wardrobe, and hair/makeup. Typically you bring extra outfits with you to suit the needs of the costumer and the production, but unfortunately the options I had brought with me didn’t quite fit the image the designers were looking for. Luckily, for me this means I received a complete makeover from wardrobe! I was given a lovely outfit to wear, made by brands I could NEVER afford, and the woman in wardrobe knew my sizes just by looking at me! Now, I was also given a cute pair of heels, but by the end of the shoot walking around Grand Central for over 12 hours it was a bit….uncomfortable. I’ll leave it at that, however, compared to the convenient bout of food poisoning I also had that evening, the pain of the high heels wasn’t nearly as baNYC Pictures (6)d. (Another “plus” of the food poisoning, which I didn’t know was food poisoning until the next day, is that I had the opportunity to meet the on set medic, who was very kind and kept me company!) Filming itself was very simple, as we all were required to simply walk/run to our marks while looking rushed for our trains. I was very lucky in that both times I crossed into the frame I was VERY close to the main actress (one who I will name once the film is announced). All I can say is that she was just as pretty in real life as she is on screen…which was a bit intimidating, but it was also nice to see that she was just working hard and drinking coffee like everyone else. Now, if filming an action packed scene of a major motion picture over night, in Grand Central Station, while wearing high heels, and being ill isn’t NYC Pictures (1)enough action for you, we also had to pause filming while protestors marched and made their way to our location. All I can say on that is thank goodness for NYPD and thank goodness that those involved in the protest were respectful, because unfortunately that cannot always be said. Although, I must admit, all of the action thankfully kept me awake (as my tummy troubles kept me from any food or caffeine) and I made it all the way through the night!

We wrapped in the early hours of the morning so I left and made my way to the bus station to wait. Now, for a city that “never sleeps” I definitely didn’t enjoy not having somewhere to go, so when I detoured to Time Square and found an open Starbucks, I was overjoyed at the salvation! Feeling better and receiving a second wind of energy and happiness I saw Good Morning America setting up outside and decided that I was going to stick around! My bus wasn’t to leave for some time, and I figured if I never show up in the movie I had just spent the night working on, then at least I would be able to appear on nationaNYC Pictures (4)l television! Thankfully, because I arrived so early I had a great spot for viewing everything that was to take place. It was a chilly morning as I watched the sun slowly begin to light the small spots of sky that peaked though the top of Times Square. Good Morning America had special guests this morning, that meant more camera time for those outside! Back at home I had my dad watching to keep an eye out for me, and he found me! He recorded it too, and even though this was some months ago, it is still on our DVR. It was a great morning (I even received free chocolate covered strawberries!) and as I made my way to catch the bus, a later one than intended, I felt so pleased and, ironically, refreshed.

NYC Pictures (5)

  • A few weeks later in June I was contacted for re-shoots for this scene, which mostly involved large sweeping shots of Grand Central. It was just as enjoyable, especially without the food poisoning, and I wandered even more around the station. So while I still may not be able to tell you, at all, where you can catch a specific train, I do know where you can see a history of Grand Central and other travel spots around NYC, where you can grab a good latte, and where you can even purchase raw meat and fish, should you ever feel the need!

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Overall, working on this latest film was great fun and even helped me learn how to navigate New York more confidently! While many points of the work were difficult, I wouldn’t have changed it for a minute (minus feeling ill of course) and I am more than grateful for the opportunity. Even popping by the set of Good Morning America was great fun, and I was incredibly thrilled being featured on national television, if only for a few moments. While I will be keeping an eye on the continuation of this film as we await its release, I am so excited to see what projects I will be blessed with next, all the while continually bringing my new found knowledge and experience along with me.