Not Holding Back…

Fondest greetings, it’s been some time, but don’t fret! Nothing will hold us back from continuing our film dream and taking pictures. Not even a little (just kidding, a lot) of snow.

Have you seen our page on Facebook or liked us yet? We may not be able to update here as often as we like, but be sure to visit our photography page as we constantly post our new images! As always, we’re beyond grateful for the continued support. More updates to come. xo

What’s New!?

Greetings yet aKPhotographygain! We have some new updates we are excited to share so we are so happy you have stopped by! In addition to the new look of our page we also have a new logo! Let us know what you think! And don’t forget to check out and like Kerry Patricia Photography on Facebook.

And for you film fans, don’t fret! Film and video is still in our heart, and with any luck we’ll be working on new projects soon!

Still Going Strong!

Life moves by so quickly! There really is so much to miss if you aren’t careful. Many new things have taken place recently, but we’ll just give you the highlights!

  • KPCreations/Photography creator is now a graduate of Temple University 2011 having successfully earned her BA in Film and Media Arts! And what a magnificent time it was! The experiences, the friendships, there are no words! As the difficult but encouraging transition from school to workplace is underway, we have been momentarily focusing on developing our photography, no pun intended, while hunting down some prospective employers!
  • Related to college and friendships, Kerry Patricia Photography creator is proud friends with the creator, founder, and owner of the recently developed Purple Tye Marketplace! In addition to featuring Kerry Patricia Photography, Purple Tye is a marketplace for artists and creators, a place to buy and sells imaginative and unique works! So head on over to see all the wonderful things that Purple Tye has to offer you!
  • Also, don’t forget that Kerry Patricia Photography, with all of our recent works are now available on Facebook! Click on over to ‘Like’ our page and stay up to date with our activities! (You can also find Purple Tye through our Facebook page as well as many of our other friendship supported businesses so ‘Like’ away!)


Salutations and welcome back! Forgive the time away, but the work, work, work never ends! Please browse around as updates have recently been made as KPC has been off and busy editing a few videos and taking MANY pictures!

Thank you for your continued support!

Much Love, KP


Welcome one and all to the grand opening of the Kerry Patricia Creations Launch Website! The hope is for Kerry Patricia Creations (KPC) to become recognized and sought through the use of this website. Of course, this website is in its early birthing stages, so excuse any techical glitches that may occur for now.

Please browse around, and enjoy!