Work, Work, Work!

Greetings once more friends! When last I left you, in an effort to keep you updated as to my latest work endeavors, I had just spent time on the set of the new and upcoming Rocky series continuation; Creed. Since then the trailer for this film has debuted, and I must say that when the film is released I will be very excited to see the finished product! But do not simply take my word, be sure to take a look for yourself!


Now, after my involvement with Creed, I am pleased to report that I have since then been blessed with a few more film opportunities. First of which took place at the very end of April in the Big Apple! On April 29th I made my very first solo voyage into Manhattan, a task that had me more nervous than I thought previously possible, to be an extra NYC Pictures (3)in a feature under the working title of “Half Shell” for a scene taking place at Grand Central Station. Now being born in New York, I was a bit ashamed I had never before visited Grand Central, but now I know it all too well as the cast and crew spent the entire night working on the large, action packed scene.

Before we started shooting, as an extra, I went through the typical process of paperwork, wardrobe, and hair/makeup. Typically you bring extra outfits with you to suit the needs of the costumer and the production, but unfortunately the options I had brought with me didn’t quite fit the image the designers were looking for. Luckily, for me this means I received a complete makeover from wardrobe! I was given a lovely outfit to wear, made by brands I could NEVER afford, and the woman in wardrobe knew my sizes just by looking at me! Now, I was also given a cute pair of heels, but by the end of the shoot walking around Grand Central for over 12 hours it was a bit….uncomfortable. I’ll leave it at that, however, compared to the convenient bout of food poisoning I also had that evening, the pain of the high heels wasn’t nearly as baNYC Pictures (6)d. (Another “plus” of the food poisoning, which I didn’t know was food poisoning until the next day, is that I had the opportunity to meet the on set medic, who was very kind and kept me company!) Filming itself was very simple, as we all were required to simply walk/run to our marks while looking rushed for our trains. I was very lucky in that both times I crossed into the frame I was VERY close to the main actress (one who I will name once the film is announced). All I can say is that she was just as pretty in real life as she is on screen…which was a bit intimidating, but it was also nice to see that she was just working hard and drinking coffee like everyone else. Now, if filming an action packed scene of a major motion picture over night, in Grand Central Station, while wearing high heels, and being ill isn’t NYC Pictures (1)enough action for you, we also had to pause filming while protestors marched and made their way to our location. All I can say on that is thank goodness for NYPD and thank goodness that those involved in the protest were respectful, because unfortunately that cannot always be said. Although, I must admit, all of the action thankfully kept me awake (as my tummy troubles kept me from any food or caffeine) and I made it all the way through the night!

We wrapped in the early hours of the morning so I left and made my way to the bus station to wait. Now, for a city that “never sleeps” I definitely didn’t enjoy not having somewhere to go, so when I detoured to Time Square and found an open Starbucks, I was overjoyed at the salvation! Feeling better and receiving a second wind of energy and happiness I saw Good Morning America setting up outside and decided that I was going to stick around! My bus wasn’t to leave for some time, and I figured if I never show up in the movie I had just spent the night working on, then at least I would be able to appear on nationaNYC Pictures (4)l television! Thankfully, because I arrived so early I had a great spot for viewing everything that was to take place. It was a chilly morning as I watched the sun slowly begin to light the small spots of sky that peaked though the top of Times Square. Good Morning America had special guests this morning, that meant more camera time for those outside! Back at home I had my dad watching to keep an eye out for me, and he found me! He recorded it too, and even though this was some months ago, it is still on our DVR. It was a great morning (I even received free chocolate covered strawberries!) and as I made my way to catch the bus, a later one than intended, I felt so pleased and, ironically, refreshed.

NYC Pictures (5)

  • A few weeks later in June I was contacted for re-shoots for this scene, which mostly involved large sweeping shots of Grand Central. It was just as enjoyable, especially without the food poisoning, and I wandered even more around the station. So while I still may not be able to tell you, at all, where you can catch a specific train, I do know where you can see a history of Grand Central and other travel spots around NYC, where you can grab a good latte, and where you can even purchase raw meat and fish, should you ever feel the need!

NYC Pictures (2)

Overall, working on this latest film was great fun and even helped me learn how to navigate New York more confidently! While many points of the work were difficult, I wouldn’t have changed it for a minute (minus feeling ill of course) and I am more than grateful for the opportunity. Even popping by the set of Good Morning America was great fun, and I was incredibly thrilled being featured on national television, if only for a few moments. While I will be keeping an eye on the continuation of this film as we await its release, I am so excited to see what projects I will be blessed with next, all the while continually bringing my new found knowledge and experience along with me.


There’s A First Time for Everything

Back in April of 2013 I was given the privilege of being a part of my first feature film production. Along with this being a dream come true, a dream I had nearly given up on, it was also a great step in the right direction and will hopefully lead to even more projects in the future. With new found hope and experience now under my belt I wanted to record a brief description, for myself and others interested, of what my days on the set of Shooting Film’s feature production… The Living as a brand new Production Intern/Assistant was like. Naturally, I wish I could recount everything here, but alas, I will stick to the major plot points of my adventure, while holding the full memories near to my heart. Now, I realize this update has been a long time coming, as it happened a bit ago, but I figure there’s no day like today!

Once you’re done reading be sure to check out the The Living on IMDB for more information! You can also like The Living and Shooting Films on Facebook, and can view the trailer on the iTunes movie site, or receive film specifics such as stills and showings courtesy of the film’s distributor, Monterey Media Inc.

My First Day – Tuesday, April 16th (Reading, PA)

Reading, PAWhile production had been going on for a few weeks prior, my first day on set put me right into the middle of the action. Very quickly I was trying to put faces and names together, and help get everything set up quickly for the production team. My tasks included setting up rooms for actors/production, a food run with Sam, creating signs, and assisting by signing in, recruiting, and directing extras around the Church that served as the backdrop for the important and sobering scene. It was a great day, a long day, as I spent 6 hours on set and then 7 at my day job that night.

It is also here that I must say that this terrific experience was all made possible by my dear friend Sam. She had already been working long and hard on the production and, knowing my passion for film, brought me along to potentially assist in some needed areas. I owe her very much for this, and am enormously thankful.

My Second Day – Wednesday, April 17th (Shoemakersville, PA)

Shoemakersville, PAWanting to prove to the production that I was devoted to their cause and dependable, I wanted to help assist on as many of their shooting days as possible. This meant my second day was also my first day without Sam to help me about. I was one of the first to arrive this day, and learning names was the name of the game, not just out of kindness and decency, but if the director happens to ask you (as a PA/Intern) to go and locate ::insert name here:: it is beyond vital that you know what face belongs to that name. This day was also tough as I had to drive to Redners for a major craft services run, in a car that was not my own, in an area I was very unfamiliar with. To most, this is not a difficult task, but to me…it was my Everest. I was so nervous about messing up, not buying the right food, and getting lost. But with a lot of praying at random intersections I proved I am capable of quite a lot. I spent 81/2 hours on set this day, leaving right around dusk, which was lucky because the location was next to a small stream, and it became very cold, very fast!

My Third Day – Thursday, April 18th (Bethel, PA)Bethel, PA

My third day was quite exciting. I drove to set, on my own, only to be surrounded by cops and emergency vehicles…it was crime scene day!

Who would have ever thought being a server in a restaurant would prove helpful in working in film, but it did. I became best friends with the coffee pot this day, making sure the crew, actors, and police officers were kept warm and caffeinated on set all morning. Once I was done helping to serve the quite delicious bBethel, PAreakfast, I was then tasked with setting up the actor’s rooms and then assisting the makeup department. My task there was to prepare and powder all of the officers graciously serving as extras for the main scene. I now ask you to take a moment, and to imagine the faces and reactions of the brave and courageous officers as I eagerly approached them with outstretched powder and a makeup sponge. A tad hesitant at first to put on the “makeup”, it was quite an amusing sight, but they were all such kind sports and ultimately had fun. Filming outside in the light rain for the remainder of my time was an interesting experience, as much as finally getting to interact with/meet some of the talent…but my day was cut short as my “real world” job beckoned.

My Fourth Day – Monday, April 22nd (NYC, NY)

NYC Now this day, was quite the event. A major responsibility of PA’s/Intern’s is equipment returns and pickups. To me, it is the most daunting of tasks as it is time sensitive, the equipment is expensive and delicate, and returns/pickups must be sure to include ALL equipment. Any mistakes made would delay shooting of the ENTIRE production. On top of these responsibilities, the particular equipment offices we needed to get to …were in Manhattan. So early morning Sam and I decided to brave this particular venture together, as two heads are better than one, and both a tad nervous we knew it would be so much better together. Traffic…was an abysmal nightmare, of course, turning what should have been a day trip into a 13 hour excursion, oh the luck. However, once you put all the silly nerve wrecking items of the day behind, being in NYC was quite a treat, if only for a few hours, the tunes on the radio were good, city pizza is always great, and Sam and I accomplished what was required of us. I being who I am of course, photo documented the entire day. You can see the evidence of our adventure…here.

My Fifth Day – Wednesday, April 24th (Shartlesville, PA)Strausstown, PA

Day five; a couShartlesville, PAple days had gone by between set visits as I continued working what normal shifts I could at my day job. A relatively short day too, just 5 hours to spare, I did as many random little tasks as I could in order to make sure my time was as beneficial to the crew as possible. I helped make phone calls, securing that locations and permits for future shooting days were good to go, and I helped pack and unpack food, equipment, and wardrobe for our location change to the motel used in later scenes. It rained a bit this night, only adding to the musky and gritty feel of the motel. The smell of the rain outside a darkening motel door, it was a really one of those moments that stick with you…I bet the scene turned out that way too.

My Sixth Day – Thursday, April 25th (Port Carbon, PA)

Port Carbon, PA

Have you ever spent an entire night in a diner, ducking gunshots and cleaning up blood? Well, after my sixth day on set I can hilariously say that I have! As far as special effects for the film goes, this was an adventurous night! An adventurous night that began with a large crafty run with my dad, a scenic drive to set, copious amounts of coffee, and my first experiences with the ever infamous Red Bull and 5 Hour Energy as this shoot lasted from 4PM to 5AM the following day!

First, I must say the workers of Dream City Diner were very kind and somehow managed to keep us all Port Carbon, PAwell fed and caffeinated throughout the entire evening. After our dinner concluded, my first few tasks were to help set up a large tent (as the diner was one large room and we needed separate and safe space for wardrobe/makeup), prepare crafty, relocate cars (so they wouldn’t appear in the background), and continue to help wherever needed. Day quickly turned into a cold, cold evening while shooting began and continued within the diner. My refuge from the elements was found temporarily by the space heaterPort Carbon, PA in the tent and in our Line Producer’s car where the temporary Production Office was set up and kept cozy. Once a few of the other interns/PAs found themselves needing to head home for the night, my task then became theirs. My job was to now stand beside the building to make sure that our production team did not accidentally walk by the large exterior windows of the diner and destroy the shots of the scene taking place within. I was even dubbed “Lockdown Kerry” at one point. Later, and inside, without going into too much detail, we moved to a scene that Lighting Rigrequired a gun being fired and a blood spray. While I mostly watched at this interval, it was amazing to see the gun firing blanks and the special effects at work. And after each blood spray, I was part of the team that would rapidly run in armed with paper towels, to clear off all of the evidence so that they could shoot another take. I learned I have a good eye for detail and that even fake gun wounds can be very messy! Ultimately, I had a great time, even getting to speak/interact with more of the cast, namely Kenny Wormald and Chris Mulkey this night…and they were great gentlemen. I left just a few hours before everyone else did, but after clocking in a 13+ hour set day/all-nighter I was never happier to see my pillow, at least for a little bit, before I returned to my other job later that day.

My Seventh Day – Monday, April 29th (Hamburg, PA)

Hamburg, PANow this day was quite interesting, as it was an interior bar scene shot inside Hamburg’s Moose Lodge, a really fun building filled with, you guessed it, Moose decor. Sam and I were reunited on set this day, and even carpooled together to make our incredibly early call time. Awake at 3AM and on set by 5AM, the Dunkin Donut breakfast table was not only quite the treat, but well needed. Once we quickly fueled up with bagels and coffee we were asked to set up the rooms upstairs for the actors, extras holding, makeup, etc. Mid morning Sam was then asked to run to New York for equipment and I stayed behind for a supply run. Once shooting commenced I was tasked with maintaining silence on set and that the extras remaining in the kitchen were also quiet. This ended up being difficult as the kitchen was filled with freezers and equipment that periodically turned on that sound had to take care of, and the creaking doors that added atmosphere to the lodge were a Moose Lodgehindrance during filming. Once everything settled down and all was finally silenced, shooting went quickly and fairly smoothly. It was fun watching the scene unfold in small pieces, and to every now and then watch the camera setup change. One of my favorite setups was for a scene that involved Kenny Wormald’s character, Gordon, talking on the phone, and the camera was set to track around him in a circle, in what no doubt will be a climatic scene to watch unfold. The last scene shot that day was when Gordon pushes his way through the crowded bar to make his way to his friend, sitting in the far back. The extras they used for this shot were not just extras, but crew as well. That was a fun change up, being in front of the camera for a moment. Once all was said, done, cleaned up and such, Sam and I, and a few other crew members, stuck around after the shoot for when the bar at the Moose Lodge opened for their normal business hours. To celebrate, we each had a drink or two before heading home for the night, having put in a solid 13 hour day.

My Eighth Day – Tuesday April 30th (Auburn, PA)

Auburn, PA As April rapidly came to an end, so did the shooting days for The Living. My last day on set found us at a small, but quaint, home in Auburn. Sam and I carpooled again, she is quite a generous and kind friend, and we arrived along with everyone else, and began setting up crafty, makeup, etc. before the actors arrived. Once everything was complete we all settled outside together to enjoy a deliciously yummy burritos and chips. As we sat enjoying the weather the actors arrived with smiles and went straight to our makeup artist. As the sun set, the atmosphere was ready for shooting to begin. My favorite part of this evening was as Kenny Wormald and Chris Mulkey were getting the necessary makeup applied for their characters, we were able to converse a bit. Amongst fun antidotes and jokes I was beyond please to find that Mr. Mulkey had remembered me from the diner shoot! Unfortunately, Sam and I had to head out early on our last night of shooting, but I can only imagine that it was quite the night, as what was being shot was a pivotal scene, and one that I look forward to seeing.

As this was one of the last shoot days, and my last day to make and keep memories, I was given permission to bring my Nikon to set this day. It was great being able to steal little memories here and there with my cell phone, but finally having my camera back in my hands was such a treat. The pictures I took this day, and at the cast party that follows, can be found here.

Last Day – Wrap Party Wednesday May 1st

The wrap party, what can I say about a wonderful thing coming to an end? Wrap

It was bittersweet but the night was so much fun. So many people worked night and day to create this film, and it was wonderful to have a relaxing moment to talk, laugh, and congratulate all those hardworking individuals. I was honored just to be surrounded by so many talented and determined filmmakers and friends. After a few hours of unwinding, my favorite moment was when we gathered for a group portrait. It was nice feeling like part of The Living family, and I am so grateful that they blessed me with the opportunity. I only wish the best for this film and all involved, and cannot wait to see what happens next.

Pictures From The Living (29)

But there’s one more important day we cannot forget…


THE PREMIERE – Friday April 10th 2015

LivingSo fast forward a year or two, and you get to last night, which was the theatrical premiere of The Living! I was so nervous to attend, as I had not seen anyone since we wrapped filming, but little did I know that my nerves were of course, unnecessary. Sitting in the rapidly crowding theater at The Goggleworks in Reading PA I eagerly awaited the dimming of the lights, and for the moment I had been waiting for for quite some time. It was finally time to see what all of our efforts had wrought. My excitement made even greater by the fact that prior to the premiere The Living had been receiving a number of fantastic reviews from festivals all over the country! As the film began to play I couldn’t help but being absorbed not only in what was happening onscreen, but also of being reminded of all of the unspoken memories made behind those scenes. It was amazing being able to finally see the shots from the camera’s point of view. I thoroughly enjoyed myself, and was so happy to see the film completed. Dare I say it, I was proud. Proud of everyone, and then proud of me as I sat stunned and watched my very name scroll by my eyes as the credits rolled. After the film there was a fun Q&A with Jack, Laura, and John followed by wine, cheese, and mingling. Sam and I were happily reunited, and I had set plans in my mind to hopefully earn my way up to Jack, Laura, and John through the crowd of eager fans and instead they came to me! I was so flatted, and grateful that I could finally wish them my congratulations in person as they continue to work hard on propelling The Living as far as they can. It was a lovely night, and as the old crew gathered once again it was truly wonderful recalling all of our on set memories. It felt like family again. And I know I’ve said it one hundred times, but I will say it one hundred more…you should definitely go and see The Living for yourself! Support it, see it, love it. I’m so proud of everyone involved, and cannot wait to see what happens next, as where we have already come is quite the dream come true.

Previously on… “Kerry’s Life”

Best wishes to all! Hope that everyone is doing well! Work and my photography have kept me quite busy! Including my dream adventure to… London, England!!! Last September was when I ventured on the trip of a lifetime, one where I visited MANY gorgeous sites, including numerous Doctor Who and Sherlock film locations. I could go on and on, but that dear story, and my trips to the Big Apple this year, are stories I will save for another time. Since it has been quite some time since you have been updated, so please allow me to remedy that right now!

A few months ago I left my job in order to more thoroughly pursue a career in film and television. It was truly a nerve-wrecking decision, and one that has left my checking account slowly depleting at a terrifying rate. However, I do have a small bit of savings and I know that if I do not try my best now, then I will forever regret not giving it my all. Only time shall tell and bring the blessings forth. My efforts have not been completely in vain as I have made a few baby steps in the right direction. While the accomplishments may yet be small, I am still proud of the result and maybe one day soon they will lead to a wonderfully, comforting, and steady job on a film or television set, maybe even one day to the set of my all time favorite, Supernatural. xo

The Living

While I may have only had a small role as a Production Assistant on the set of The Living, I am none the less proud, and am incredibly excited as I continue to watch the film and its creators’ succeed. As I continue adding to my memory/Behind the Scenes post of this project, (one which I will share with you once I have seen the film next month) I still wanted to update you with the ongoing hard efforts being put forth to help launch this film into the spotlight, as I truly wish the producers (Shooting Films), director, actors, and crew nothing but great success!

The Living Poster


For more information on The Living, please visit:

-The Living‘s Facebook page for current updates

-The Living‘s gorgeous new Official Site

-Or view the new trailer on the homepage of iTunes!!


To see The Living in theaters, check HERE to see if it is playing at a theater near you, and if it isn’t, contact your local theater and Monterey Media to let them know you want to see it!

The Slump

Breaking into the world of film and television is incredibly difficult, of that I have always been painfully aware. Unfortunately, when you fall into what feels  like an incredible void, you can’t help but feel a bit nervous. No matter how hard you work or how much you try, sometimes you feel like such a tiny little fish, waving in the ocean, hoping that someone notices you from a satellite millions of miles away. One night, I was feeling incredibly discouraged, and on a whim commented on a post made by the beautifully talented Karen David, most recently featured as the beautiful Princess Isabella on ABC’s Galavant. My comment was, of course, relevant to the article she had just posted about starting film careers and what you wish you could tell your younger self. However, what I never expected, was to have a conversation with the budding artist! And no matter how brief it was, or how simple it may have seemed to her, sometimes having the right people, saying just the right thing, is EXACTLY what you need to hear, and I will admit, helped encourage me dearly and I will always be thankful.

Facebook Message

Chicago P.D.

With new found enthusiasm from her kind words, I set forth to try and finally force my way into my elusive career field. A month after this, and a lot of hard work later, I FINALLY heard back from someone…and it was Tail Stick’s Casting with an offer for me to be a “NATO Protestor” in an upcoming episode of NBC’s Chicago P.D.!! I was completely ecstatic and overwhelmed with joy. It didn’t bother me in the least that the role was for a background player, the only thing that gave me pause was that I would (obviously) need to travel to…Chicago. Chicago at 5AMThe thought of the money required and the distance needed to be traversed definitely gave me a moment’s hesitation, but then I realized, this is why I left my job. In the hopes that I would receive a miracle opportunity, no matter how small. I immediately called my dear friend Emad who lives in Chicago, asking if I could spend the night, and he offered me a week! Two days later I hopped in my beautiful little 2005 Blue Chevy Cobalt and made the 12 hour journey to Chicago Illinois! I could spend so much time telling you about my insane journey, and the truly lovely week of adventures I had with my friend, in a city I had never before visited, but for the sake of time I will simply tell you that I made it safely, and had a wonderful experience on the set of Chicago P.D. After receiving a grand total of 3 hours Chicago 2sleep after my journey I awoke early to make my 5AM call time. The day was FREEZING (it was early February), and we spent 90% of our time outside, but it was all worth it. And the food! There was so much! We (the protest extras) were fed a hot breakfast buffet, a doughnut and coffee buffet, pizza, a hot lunch buffet, and sandwiches! I couldn’t believe it all! Unfortunately I was still so nervous, I was only able to eat a small bit, but what I did have was delicious. It was truly amazing being on set, and even more amazing being surrounded by so many young people, like myself, interested in film and television! Though many of those people were shocked to find out I had driven 12 hours for 1 day’s (12 hours worth of) work! It was all so brilliant, and while I am unable to say much so as not to spoil the contents of the season 2 episode 17 story (which airs tomorrow), it was amazing working with the crew and amongst the stars (Sophia Bush was suddenly behind me at one point, quite the surprise!). After so many adventures and the long journey home, I was greeted with one last gift, a check for my efforts. The very first time I was being paid for doing something I loved, and let me tell you, that was everything.


All the while I was in Chicago, I had also been closely following updates from Warner Brothers and MGM’s production of Creed, the newest installment in Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky series. Being a Temple University graduate Philadelphia is obviously very important to me, and the closest city to which I live, so my best chance for finding local productions. I had been in contact with Heery Casting, the agency involved with Creed, hoping to one day hear back from them, and one day …I did. A few weeks after returning from Chicago, and three days before my 27th birthday I was invited to the set of Creed to be an extra as a spectator of an epic boxing match! As I am unable to give you many details, I will say that it was my first time at a studio of that size, and all of the trailers parked outside made it feel like a home. A home I could one day see myself being a part of. We were given two buffets (and of course Philly pretzels) and spent most of our time on set. When we weren’t needed it was fun to sit and watch everything taking place within the boxing ring. The stars and stunt teams had the entire match rehearsed like a smooth dance, and every once in awhile Mr. Stallone would hop into the ring himself to give the young actors some pointers and encouragement. I truly cannot wait to see how the scene was put together. There was a BEAUTIFUL large crane camera that swooped but an inch away from my head at one point! A shot that I’m sure will look amazing, and as someone hoping to one day be behind the camera, truly dazzled me. Our call time had been 11:30AM that morning due to snow the day before, so by time we finished shooting it was 3AM the following day! After working a grand total of 15 hours on set (which became overtime on my paycheck, which was quite nice), and having been awake for 22+, I had a 2 hour drive ahead of me with a severe impending snow storm approaching. It was during The Living that I had learned Red Bull can be a filmmaker’s best friend, and that night it certainly proved so again, as the drive home turned out to be just as adventurous as the day on set! Luckily my father works overnight, and was on standby should I need him, but my little car and I made it safely with all of my new memories and experiences in tow.


In conclusion, while I know that there is a 0.0001% chance that I may show up on film (in either of the productions), they were such lovely experiences, and ones I am more than proud to add to my resume. I proved to myself that I can start making things happen, and can take great risks and still come out on top. There were things that frightened me, but I did them anyway. I am excited to watch my IMDB page grow and to see where I am lead next. While right now I’m back in the waiting stage, a very terrifying place to be as I wait for both pay and opportunity, I am hopeful and prayerful that my next job will soon present itself and that it will be both monetarily beneficial and the next stepping stone to my dreams.

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